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Use this API to implement and customize access request segment functionality. With this functionality in place, administrators can create and manage access request segments. Segments provide organizations with a way to make the access their users have even more granular - this can simply the access request process for the organization's users and improves security by reducing the risk of overprovisoning access.

Segments represent sets of identities, all grouped by specified identity attributes, who are only able to see and access the access items associated with their segments. For example, administrators could group all their organization's London office employees into one segment, "London Office Employees," by their shared location. The administrators could then define the access items the London employees would need, and the identities in the "London Office Employees" would then only be able to see and access those items.

In Identity Security Cloud, administrators can use the 'Access' drop-down menu and select 'Segments' to reach the 'Access Requests Segments' page. This page lists all the existing access request segments, along with their statuses, enabled or disabled. Administrators can use this page to create, edit, enable, disable, and delete segments. To create a segment, an administrator must provide a name, define the identities grouped in the segment, and define the items the identities in the segment can access. These items can be access profiles, roles, or entitlements.

When administrators use the API to create and manage segments, they use a JSON expression in the visibilityCriteria object to define the segment's identities and access items.

Refer to Managing Access Request Segments for more information about segments in Identity Security Cloud.