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Peek source connector's resource objects



Retrieves a sample of data returned from account and group aggregation requests. A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.


Path Parameters

    sourceId stringrequired

    The ID of the Source

    Example: cef3ee201db947c5912551015ba0c679


    objectType string

    Default value: account

    The type of resource objects to iterate over.

    maxCount integer

    Default value: 25

    The maximum number of resource objects to iterate over and return.


List of resource objects that was fetched from the source connector.

    id string

    ID of the source

    name string

    Name of the source

    objectCount integer

    The number of objects that were fetched by the connector.

    elapsedMillis integer

    The number of milliseconds spent on the entire request.

    resourceObjects object[]

    Fetched objects from the source connector.

  • Array [
  • instance string

    Identifier of the specific instance where this object resides.

    identity string

    Native identity of the object in the Source.

    uuid string

    Universal unique identifier of the object in the Source.

    previousIdentity string

    Native identity that the object has previously.

    name string

    Display name for this object.

    objectType string

    Type of object.

    incomplete boolean

    A flag indicating that this is an incomplete object. Used in special cases where the connector has to return account information in several phases and the objects might not have a complete set of all account attributes. The attributes in this object will replace the corresponding attributes in the Link, but no other Link attributes will be changed.

    incremental boolean

    A flag indicating that this is an incremental change object. This is similar to incomplete but it also means that the values of any multi-valued attributes in this object should be merged with the existing values in the Link rather than replacing the existing Link value.

    delete boolean

    A flag indicating that this object has been deleted. This is set only when doing delta aggregation and the connector supports detection of native deletes.

    remove boolean

    A flag set indicating that the values in the attributes represent things to remove rather than things to add. Setting this implies incremental. The values which are always for multi-valued attributes are removed from the current values.

    missing string[]

    A list of attribute names that are not included in this object. This is only used with SMConnector and will only contain "groups".

    attributes object

    Attributes of this ResourceObject.

    finalUpdate boolean

    In Aggregation, for sparse object the count for total accounts scanned identities updated is not incremented.

  • ]