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Gets a list of access items associated with each identity outlier contributing feature



This API returns a list of the enriched access items associated with each feature filtered by the access item type The object contains: accessItemId, display name (translated text or message key), description (translated text or message key), accessType, sourceName, extremelyRare Requires authorization scope of 'iai:outliers-management:read'


Path Parameters

    outlierId stringrequired

    The outlier id

    Example: 2c918085842e69ae018432d22ccb212f
    contributingFeatureName stringrequired

    Possible values: [radical_entitlement_count, entitlement_count, max_jaccard_similarity, mean_max_bundle_concurrency, single_entitlement_bundle_count, peerless_score]

    The name of contributing feature

    Example: entitlement_count

Query Parameters

    limit int32

    Possible values: <= 250

    Default value: 250

    Max number of results to return. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 250
    offset int32

    Offset into the full result set. Usually specified with limit to paginate through the results. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 0
    count boolean

    If true it will populate the X-Total-Count response header with the number of results that would be returned if limit and offset were ignored.

    Since requesting a total count can have a performance impact, it is recommended not to send count=true if that value will not be used.

    See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: true
    accessType string

    The type of access item for the identity outlier contributing feature. If not provided, it returns all

    Example: ENTITLEMENT
    sorters comma-separated

    Sort results using the standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters

    Sorting is supported for the following fields: displayName

    Example: displayName


The list of access items.

  • Array [
  • id string

    The ID of the access item

    displayName string

    the display name of the access item

    description string

    Description of the access item.

    accessType string


    The type of the access item.

    sourceName string

    the associated source name if it exists

    extremelyRare boolean

    Default value: false

    rarest access

  • ]