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Aggregate Entitlements




This endpoint has been deprecated and may be replaced or removed in future versions of the API.

Starts an entitlement aggregation on the specified source. Though this endpoint has been deprecated, you can find its Beta equivalent here.

If the target source is a direct connection, then the request body must be empty. You will also need to make sure the Content-Type header is not set. If you set the Content-Type header without specifying a body, then you will receive a 500 error.

If the target source is a delimited file source, then the CSV file needs to be included in the request body. You will also need to set the Content-Type header to multipart/form-data.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Source Id

    Example: ef38f94347e94562b5bb8424a56397d8


    csvFile binary

    The CSV file containing the source entitlements to aggregate.


Aggregate Entitlements Task

    id string

    System-generated unique ID of the task this taskStatus represents

    type string

    Type of task this task represents

    uniqueName string

    The name of the task

    description string

    The description of the task

    launcher string

    The user who initiated the task

    created date-time

    The creation date of the task

    returns object[]

    Return values from the task

  • Array [
  • displayLabel string

    The display label for the return value

    attributeName string

    The attribute name for the return value

  • ]