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Get Tenant Information.



This rest endpoint can be used to retrieve tenant details.



Tenant Info

    id string

    The unique identifier for the Tenant

    name string

    Abbreviated name of the Tenant

    fullName string

    Human-readable name of the Tenant

    pod string

    Deployment pod for the Tenant

    region string

    Deployment region for the Tenant

    description string

    Description of the Tenant

    products object[]
  • Array [
  • productName string

    Name of the Product

    url string

    URL of the Product

    productTenantId string

    An identifier for a specific product-tenant combination

    productRegion string

    Product region

    productRight string

    Right needed for the Product

    apiUrl stringnullable

    API URL of the Product

    licenses object[]
  • Array [
  • licenseId string

    Name of the license

    legacyFeatureName string

    Legacy name of the license

  • ]
  • attributes object

    Additional attributes for a product

    property name* any

    Additional attributes for a product

    zone string


    status string

    Status of the product

    statusDateTime date-time

    Status datetime

    reason string

    If there's a tenant provisioning failure then reason will have the description of error

    notes string

    Product could have additional notes added during tenant provisioning.

    dateCreated date-timenullable

    Date when the product was created

    lastUpdated date-timenullable

    Date when the product was last updated

    orgType stringnullable

    Possible values: [development, staging, production, test, partner, training, demonstration, sandbox, null]

    Type of org

  • ]