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Get Source Entitlement Request Configuration



This API gets the current entitlement request configuration for a source. This source-level configuration should apply for all the entitlements in the source.

Access request to any entitlements in the source should follow this configuration unless a separate entitlement-level configuration is defined.

  • During access request, this source-level entitlement request configuration overrides the global organization-level configuration.
  • However, the entitlement-level configuration (if defined) overrides this source-level configuration.

A token with ORG_ADMIN, SOURCE_ADMIN, or SOURCE_SUBADMIN authority is required to call this API.



Source Entitlement Request Configuration Details.

    accessRequestConfig object

    Configuration for requesting access to entitlements

    approvalSchemes object[]

    Ordered list of approval steps for the access request. Empty when no approval is required.

  • Array [
  • approverType string


    Describes the individual or group that is responsible for an approval step. Values are as follows.

    ENTITLEMENT_OWNER: Owner of the associated Entitlement

    SOURCE_OWNER: Owner of the associated Source

    MANAGER: Manager of the Identity for whom the request is being made

    GOVERNANCE_GROUP: A Governance Group, the ID of which is specified by the approverId field

    approverId stringnullable

    Id of the specific approver, used only when approverType is GOVERNANCE_GROUP

  • ]
  • requestCommentRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    If the requester must provide a comment during access request.

    denialCommentRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    If the reviewer must provide a comment when denying the access request.