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Gets source config with language translations



Looks up and returns the source config for the requested source id after populating the source config values and applying language translations. A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    The Source id

Query Parameters

    locale string

    Possible values: [de, no, fi, sv, ru, pt, ko, zh-TW, en, it, fr, zh-CN, hu, es, cs, ja, pl, da, nl]

    The locale to apply to the config. If no viable locale is given, it will default to "en"


A Connector Detail object

    name string

    The connector name

    sourceConfigXml string

    XML representation of the source config data

    sourceConfig string

    JSON representation of the source config data

    directConnect boolean

    true if the source is a direct connect source

    fileUpload boolean

    Connector config's file upload attribute, false if not there

    uploadedFiles string

    List of uploaded file strings for the connector

    connectorMetadata object

    Object containing metadata pertinent to the UI to be used