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Get Summary of Non-Employee Approval Requests



This request will retrieve a summary of non-employee approval requests. There are two contextual uses for the requested-for path parameter: 1. The current user is the Org Admin, in which case he or she may request a summary of all non-employee approval requests assigned to a particular approver by passing in that approver's id. 2. The current user is an approver, in which case "me" should be provided as the requested-for value. This will provide the approver with a summary of the approval items assigned to him or her.


Path Parameters

    requested-for stringrequired

    The identity (UUID) of the approver for whom for whom the summary is being retrieved. Use "me" instead to indicate the current user.

    Example: ac10d20a-841e-1e7d-8184-32d2e22c0179


summary of non-employee approval requests

    approved number

    The number of approved non-employee approval requests.

    pending number

    The number of pending non-employee approval requests.

    rejected number

    The number of rejected non-employee approval requests.