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Retrieve status of a potential role export job



This endpoint retrieves information about the current status of a potential role export.


Path Parameters

    sessionId uuidrequired

    The role mining session id

    Example: 8c190e67-87aa-4ed9-a90b-d9d5344523fb
    potentialRoleId uuidrequired

    A potential role id in a role mining session

    Example: 278359a6-04b7-4669-9468-924cf580964a
    exportId uuidrequired

    The id of a previously run export job for this potential role

    Example: 4940ffd4-836f-48a3-b2b0-6d498c3fdf40


Success. Returns the current status of this export

    minEntitlementPopularity integer

    The minimum popularity among identities in the role which an entitlement must have to be included in the report

    includeCommonAccess boolean

    If false, do not include entitlements that are highly popular among the entire orginization

    exportId uuid

    ID used to reference this export

    status RoleMiningPotentialRoleExportState

    Possible values: [QUEUED, IN_PROGRESS, SUCCESS, ERROR]

    The status of this export