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Delete Role(s)



This endpoint initiates a bulk deletion of one or more roles. When the request is successful, the endpoint returns the bulk delete's task result ID. To follow the task, you can use Get Task Status by ID, which will return the task result's status and information. This endpoint can only bulk delete up to a limit of 50 roles per request. A token with API, ORG_ADMIN, ROLE_ADMIN, or ROLE_SUBADMIN authority is required to call this endpoint. In addition, a token with ROLE_SUBADMIN authority can only call this endpoint if all roles included in the request are associated with sources with management workgroups the ROLE_SUBADMIN is a member of.



    roleIds string[]required

    List of IDs of Roles to be deleted.


Returns an object with the id of the task performing the delete operation.

    type string

    Possible values: [TASK_RESULT]

    Task result DTO type.

    id string

    Task result ID.

    name stringnullable

    Task result display name.