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Close Access Request



This endpoint closes access requests that are stuck in a pending state. It can be used throughout a request's lifecycle even after the approval state, unlike the Cancel Access Request endpoint. A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required.

To find pending access requests with the UI, navigate to Search and use this query: status: Pending AND "Access Request". Use the Column Chooser to select 'Tracking Number', and use the 'Download' button to export a CSV containing the tracking numbers.

To find pending access requests with the API, use the List Account Activities endpoint.

Input the IDs from either source.

To track the status of endpoint requests, navigate to Search and use this query: name:"Close Identity Requests". Search will include "Close Identity Requests Started" audits when requests are initiated and "Close Identity Requests Completed" audits when requests are completed. The completion audit will list the identity request IDs that finished in error.

This API triggers the Provisioning Completed event trigger for each access request that is closed.



    accessRequestIds string[]required

    Access Request IDs for the requests to be closed. Accepts 1-500 Identity Request IDs per request.

    message string

    Default value: The IdentityNow Administrator manually closed this request.

    Reason for closing the access request. Displayed under Warnings in IdentityNow.

    executionStatus string

    Possible values: [Terminated, Completed]

    Default value: Terminated

    The request's provisioning status. Displayed as Stage in IdentityNow.

    completionStatus string

    Possible values: [Success, Incomplete, Failure]

    Default value: Failure

    The request's overall status. Displayed as Status in IdentityNow.


Accepted - Returned if the request was successfully accepted into the system.