Workflows not found error on changing client secret

Hi all!

There is a bug in the HTTP Request operation.
To show this, we created a simple workflow like this:

The HTTP request has dummy values for URLs and uses Authentication Type “OAuth 2.0 - Client Credentials Grant”. with dummy client id and secret.
We save the workflow. So far so good.

Now if we change the client secret through the UI, by clicking on the action, change the Client Secret field and then hit Save, we get the following error:


This is caused by the following API: /sp-workflow-engine/secrets/d120df47-6f8f-46a2-b473-f32f5875919e

This happens every time we update the client secret and it happens on multiple tenants.

Kind regards,

The issue was already known. Received an internal ticket number: #PLTWRKFLW-3194

We were informed by SailPoint that the issue was fixed, we tested it and the issue is still there.

Hi Angelo,

I can confirm the issue is not fixed. The ticket reference you were given is for a similar scenario, but not exactly the same. I have opened a new ticket to track your bug report (PLTWRKFLW-3589). Thank you for providing this feedback. Fixing these issues helps makes the product better, and we appreciate you taking the time to report them.

Thank you @colin_mckibben! It is very nice of you to open this new bug report :smiley:

@jordan_violet, I think that this might be another example you could use on why it can be difficult with having middle men between us and the bug ticket for communication and that we can’t see the internal ticket description and status ourselves. SailPoint Support told us (in CS0257275) that the issue is known and gave us this internal ticket, and we had to wait until both this other issue got fixed and until our CSM told us that this ticket was fixed before we were able to figure out, thanks to help from Colin, that the issue was not properly communicated to the SailPoint team responsible for fixing the bug at all.

If we were able to see the description or some content of the ticket that SailPoint Support mentioned to us, we would have been able to deduce that this ticket did not match with the bug we found and we would then have been able to inform SailPoint Support of this, such that the correct bug ticket could have been created earlier.