The non-public API deprecation category is now available

A few weeks ago SailPoint announced the intent to deprecate all non-public APIs. As promised, we now have a dedicated category where we will be publishing each endpoint that will be deprecated along with the v3 replacement API(s). It is recommended to read the following post first before diving into the category.

Each deprecated endpoint will have a dedicated topic where users can discuss how to migrate to the v3 replacement endpoint(s) as well as voice any concerns or issues with the migration. This will allow the conversation to remain focused and allow our product team to quickly respond to any issues with individual endpoints.

Thanks Colin. Many of the APIs we use are not included on this page and do not have a replacement that I can see.
Does this mean they won’t be deprecated? Or that they will be but there is no replacement?

@Ramiro good call out. We’ll be adding more APIs to the list in the coming weeks. You can subscribe to new APIs being added to the list by going to the #idn:api-deprecations category and clicking on the little bell in the top-right corner and select “Watching”.

Let us know what APIs you’re looking for and if you have any questions at all—we’re here to help!

Hi Jordan,

I’ve collated this information and passed it on to our CSM. I’m sure you will be hearing from her :slight_smile:

Happy to discuss in more detail

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Hey Ramiro,

Nicely detailed list! To be sure we can serve all of our developers during this process at scale, we’ll be working with you all and communicating all changes for each endpoint right here in the developer community forum.

I would suggest taking your list of APIs and start commenting your needs early for each endpoint/endpoint replacement in the #idn:api-deprecations kanban board so we can have broad visibility across multiple teams here at SailPoint as to what is needed for replacements, and other developers may even have some shared sentiments!

Thanks Jordan. I’ve already commented on the one endpoint listed in #idn:api-deprecations kanban where I know we will have an issue, and if we come across others I’ll put them there as well.

But the biggest problem is the ones that are missing completely - not sure how I can comment on them!

That’s a valid concern. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep getting the endpoints listed and work closely with you and everyone here to make the transition as easy as we can :grin: