Saas Workflows Error - json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field ManageAccessInput.addIdentities of type []string

Using the template as a guide, setting a new workflow to simply add user to a role when their LCS changes to “returnfromleave”.

The workflow seems to passing until its actually trying to add user. The problem is it throws a rather cryptic message so you don’t know what its complaining about AND the validation all passed.

Any ideas if this is a bug or something in my config? @colin_mckibben @kevin_chang

Text from output:
“addIdentities”: “2c9180867c7f4f6c017ca40443dd56b0”,
“comments”: “Granted automatically by Workflow”,
“removeDuration”: “60d”,
“removeIdentity”: null,
“requestType”: “GRANT_ACCESS”,
“requestedItems”: [
“id”: “18967dc685ab4c00945e0c5c2212a6d9”,
“name”: “Employee Return from Leave”,
“type”: “ROLE”

Here is my settings:

Would expect the system if something material to throw error when validating - as I said system says everything looks fine and it follows the example rather closely.

Thanks for any feedback as we are excited about building our this framework.

I don’t know a lot about workflows, but it looks to me like it is expecting addIdentities to be an array like this: [“2c9180867c7f4f6c017ca40443dd56b0”] I’m not sure if you can change it to that for your input to see if it resolves your issue but if you can, give it a try.

Thanks for trying, That ended up giving a validation error.

The format I had used was a exact replica of the template provided. So hopefully the workflow team would see this and shed some cover on whats occuring.

@tranetechnologies it’s likely the Access to Manage variable. You’re passing a whole JSON array. Can you try to make it more specific so it returns only a single accessItem. i.e. $.getAccess.accessItems[?(‘2c918084808f86bd01809412f4de0421’)].id

I too am experiencing issues trying to get a similar workflow running. I’m going to bring this up with the workflows team.

Thats why I think it’s a bug versus anything I’m doing. I just copied their published template which are designed to be working models that customers can take and make their own.

Here is there template - you’ll see my is the exact replica of that.

@tranetechnologies , the workflow team is looking into this now. I’ll keep you posted when a fix is released.

I am facing the same issue too.
json: cannot unmarshal object into Go struct field externalHTTPInputV2.jsonRequestBody of type string

@tranetechnologies The issue should be resolved. Please try your workflow again.

The problem was that referencing a single item via JSONpath caused the item to be added a string to the input, when it should have been a list with a single item in it. The backend team has fixed this and it should work now.

Yes, confirmed working. As I go through and find other issues, should I post here, should I opened ticket? I know alot of this is new so Im looking for fastest path to the engineers as I imagine there will be many small mini fixes as people start to use.

We appreciate you taking the time to find and report these issues. A support ticket is the preferred method of submitting issues for any SailPoint product. The support team will be able to investigate and determine if it is truly a bug before forwarding to engineering.