Official: IdentityNow Postman Workspace

@justinrhaines, great catch! It’s actually blank by design, and I’ll need to fix the ones that say sailpoint to be blank. All you’ll need to do fill in that variable at the collection level and you’re set for all requests. This is by design from Postman.

I’ve fixed the Beta collection that had sailpoint as the variable.

Relative novice question: where is “api-url” supposed to be defined? I’m trying to run “List Latest Invocation Statuses” on the Beta API. It returns ‘Pre-request Script:Error: “undefined” is not valid JSON’ which the Postman console shows “POST http://undefined/oauth/token”. ‘api-url’ is in line 1 of the Pre-request Script, but not defined anywhere. I got passed this yesterday, but similar changes today didn’t work. I’ve added tenant to the Environment, but doing the same with the api-url just delayed the error (and frankly, I got it to work yesterday without doing that). Sorry if I’ve missed where this documented and thanks for any help!

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Hey @carla_richey,

You’ve not missed a beat! In fact, you’re so on top of it that we’ve made some changes today and are putting out an announcement within the hour.

Keep an eye out for that, read the changes/fixes carefully, and let me know if you’re able to get everything to work. IF not, we’ll get it sorted out for you! :slight_smile:

In case you missed it: 🎉 Postman: Incoming Fixes and Improvements! 🎉

I am attempting to configure my postman environment and workspace and receiving the following jSon error: “Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0” when attempting to run Autentication:Get Tenant Information. Anyone else seen this?